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All India Political Parties Meet

The governance of one and a half billion people is of no concern; the democratic administration of 1,50,00,00,000 ideas is a task of near-impossible proportion. Nonetheless, prestige and service attract thousands of contestants and crores of rupees every five years.
All this happens through elections.
In the world’s largest democracy, 545 seats are decided across 365 days and 28 states. This causes losses and changes the political tide throughout the year in India. However, this is a nation wherein the smallest decisions have an intense ripple effect. Everything must be looked into through a magnifying glass that would set the snows of Kashmir on fire and with enough salt to put the Rann of Kutch to shame.
To succeed in India, policies must be supported by the people in power – and in a democracy, that power is the public. Tides are changing. There is no doubt that this policy is the next big thing – the only question is, for better or for worse? As the nation’s most volatile leaders gather to discuss at this conclave, things may get heated. 

AGENDA: Discussing the Scope and Impact of 'One Nation, One Election' in the Indian Democratic System

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