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Agenda: Discussing the recent amendments to the IT rules and its effects on Civil Liberties in India

Censorship. Doxxing. Personal data leaks. VPNs banned. 

Social media is becoming more hostile day by day. And our government is trying to figure out the best way to deal with this hostility.

The internet is a vast library of information but doesn’t know fact from fiction. Social media is a breeding ground for misinformation and hate speech. An innocent post can lead to political arguments. An opinion on the government can lead to thousands of death threats from extremists. Anger equals engagement. 

 The government is being accused of keeping the media engine under control with the IT Rules Amendments in 2021. These amendments could lead to censorship of anti-government content and a close policing strategy implemented on social media giants.  Mass criticism has come in from all corners that these moves - including a ban on keeping VPN users’ data private - destroy freedom of speech and propagate instability rather than quell it. 

Here, you represent one of a multitude of opinions that are backed by crores of people and detested by many more. Will you implement laws leading to strict regulation of media? Will you fight for free speech or prefer to protect the social fabric? Do you value principle over prerogative? How will you convince your opponents to uphold your ideals?

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