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Agenda: Counter Terrorism with special reference to Lord's Resistance Army
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As culturally rich and diverse the African continent may be, its people, unfortunately have had to wrestle with many different forms of terrorism for decades. The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has been one of Central Africa's cruelest and most enduring armed groups over the past 30 years. Its brutal attacks including kidnappings, sexual violence and mutilation of thousands of civilians has caused irreparable damage to the lives of millions of Africans who want nothing but to lead a peaceful life. The cause of the string of coups in multiple African countries over the past year is attributed to terrorist and insurgent groups. Several African governments have consistently made efforts to counter such adversaries and restore peace in Africa, often with little success. 


What can the African nations and the African Union do to defy the serious threats posed by terrorism in Africa? Can Africans ever live free from the dangers of armed violence?

We bring to you, The African Union

Executive Board


Ryan Pillai




K S Arartik

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Namish Menon

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