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Continuous crisis committee

AGENDA: the Vitenam War; the Death of  Ngo Dinh Diem

The wars of today have been shaped by the battles of yesterday. As a Model United Nations conference, it is impossible to discuss current events without offering a perspective of how they came to be.

Enter the Continuous Crisis Committee.It is November 2, 1963. The president of South Vietnam has just been executed. There is now a power vacuum. What happens in the next few weeks will determine the outcome of a war which in reality lasted for years and ended in losses to all involved.

But what the world didn’t realize at the time was the significant impact it would have on the Cold War as a whole, on the future of the world order.

You, delegate, have the advantage of hindsight. Here, you can speak as well as act. It’s double the power for double the responsibility. Double the spoils for double the pressure. A thousand courses of action lay available to you, but so do a thousand quagmires.

History repeats itself, but you are now standing at its formation. Will you continue its march through time or reshape the destiny of the world?

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