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Agenda: Sri Lankan Parliament

Large political crises aren't abnormal in the small island nation of Sri Lanka. The 2022 Sri Lankan Political Crisis between President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Parliament of Sri Lanka is ongoing and critical. The people are unhappy and the Rajapaksa brothers refuse to take proper action, and instead make matters worse with their sibling rivalry, which unfortunately for the citizens of Sri Lanka has repercussions beyond familial matters as the entire country's governance is at stake. The number of protests continue to rise, the state of the government is in shambles and democracy is under scrutiny over a brothers quarrel. 


How can Sri Lankan leaders better assess this predicament? What can be done to motivate a strong political change? 


Presenting to you, The Continuous Crisis Committee: Sri Lanka

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Executive Board

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Sanket Bhatt

Babhravee Goswami

Aniruddh Rajagopal

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