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Registration Structure

  • The registrations for DNMUN-24 open on the 1st of May, 2024.

  • The priority round will close a month after the opening of registrations, i.e. the 1st of June. The delegate fee is Rs. 1,250/- in this round.

  • From June 1st to July 1st, the general round of registrations will run with a delegate fee of Rs. 1,500/-.


Registration Process

  • There will be two types of registrations: Individual and Delegation.

  • You can find the link on our website and Instagram after registrations open.

  • Both schools and private delegations may register. If two individual delegates wish to participate in the UNSC (double delegation), please ensure you include your partner’s name in your submission.

  • The minimum delegation size is 5 and the maximum is 12. An institution can send multiple delegations.

  • DNMUN-24 permits delegates from 6th grade to first year college (both these grades included).

  • If a delegation has less than 8 delegates, they have to pay an additional delegation fee of Rs. 2,000/-.

  • To qualify for the Best Delegation Award, the delegation must participate in at least 7 out of the 9 available committees.

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