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  • DNMUN is an online event.

  • Registration for DNMUN is free.

  • Allotments provided to the delegates are not subjected to change.

  • Delegates having any inconveniences with the countries or committees allotted to them must inform the DNMUN team within 48 hours of receiving their allotments. 

  • The last date for registering is the 10th of July 2022.

  • DNMUN reserves the rights to disqualify any delegate at any given time if any disciplinary rules of the school are broken. 


  • All delegates are expected to maintain decorum and follow instructions given by their respective Executive Board members when inside committees.

  • All delegates must arrive on time and be present in committee during all sessions, failure to attend any one session will result in disqualification from placements and the delegate will not be considered for any awards thereof. 

  • In any case of conflict with any chair person or any other member the information must be brought to the notice of any senior member of the Organizing Committee immediately.  

  • DNMUN reserves all rights to change any of the following details without prior notice and non compliance of the terms and conditions will result in disqualification.

  • Students from grade 8 to university level (those exiting 1st year) are open to participate. 

  • By registering for DNMUN 2022 delegates agree to the above rules and guidelines.

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