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Historical Constituent Assembly

Bharat is a tamed river. Slowly channelling growing unrest against the same British wall. Year upon year. Until it will finally give way. 

Once it does, Bharat will become an uncontrollable flood. It will swallow up its tributaries and wash away any semblance of structure it had built over the past two centuries.This power must be redirected, reused and rechannelled.

The construction of a constitution of a hundred states, a thousand peoples and a million ideas, is a daunting task. The power distribution between these factors is arguably exponentially more so. For decades they have been united by common opposition; will these bonds forged in times of scalding heat stand up to the test of a cold winter, when victory has been won but peace remains a long way off?

AGENDA: Transfer of Power and Formulation of the Constitution for the Newly Formed Union Cabinet

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