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House of soviets

AGENDA: 1993 Constitutional Crisis

The end of an era.

The Soviet Union has finally collapsed. Thirty years of protest has come to fruition. The Russian SFSR stands on the brink of the precipice of the former Iron Curtain, the other side clouded over by uncertainty. Peer long enough, and you can see rivers of blood past the crackling smoke.

The people of this dissolved Union need some semblance of togetherness, a spirit of continuance to assure their futures. They need a constitution, but drafting one isn’t an easy task.

Seven decades of history need to be mulled over; a nation’s foreign policy is to be decided.A country can villainize a hero or sanctify a devil. The decisions these bureaucrats will make will go down in the annals of history. All these thoughts will occur to each power player as they shuffle into the meeting room.

The guards lock the doors.

Unbeknownst to the participants, Destiny has snuck in to witness this spectacle.

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