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Agenda: Human rights situation in Afghanistan

Since the takeover, the Taliban authorities have committed a series of far-reaching violations of international humanitarian law, including war crimes and other abuses with impunity. Indiscriminate and targeted killings reached record levels. Human rights defenders, women activists, journalists, health workers, and religious and ethnic minorities were among those targeted by the Taliban. Thousands of people, predominantly Shia Hazaras, were forcibly evicted. Young girls continue to be denied their right to education and access to public spaces.


How can countries from around the world call on the Taliban to end this brutal repression and demand the provision of basic freedoms to all its citizens? What can be done to restore at least a semblance of normalcy in the lives of Afghans?


We bring to you, United Nations Human Rights Council

via Atlantic Counsel

Executive Board

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Aravind Sundar

Gurunithyan R

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