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International Maritime Organization

This agenda is not from the era of Blackbeard, but rather the fearsome new reality of today. Law is no barrier; international waters are vast in size and difficult to guard against armed speedboats, fearless mercenaries and lightning-fast hijackings. In the face of a band of pirates homing in at four dozen knots an hour, even the most trained security protocol goes up in a tsunami of panic.

These attacks fall upon defenceless merchant ships, ruining significant portions of trade for exporting countries and those who need the commerce to survive. Let them grow unchecked, and the words ‘controlled trade’ will have no meaning except in a book of archaic English. Can the IMO step in in the nick of time to save these desperate souls, or will the galleons of the 21st century too die a watery grave?

AGENDA: Discussing the Enhancement of Maritime Security to Aid in Conflict Regions and in the Prevention of Piracy on the High Seas

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