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Union for Mediterranean

Governments can collapse. Dictators can fall. When chaos ceases to reign, however, it does not guarantee a rule of order. Chaos is merely the absence of order – wherever it is weakened, in causes benevolent or malicious, chaos will seep in.

Chaos is what became of the Arab Spring.

The protests across MENA countries, the death of larger-than-life authoritarians, instead of granting peace, created a power vacuum. In this emptiness was birthed crackdowns in Egypt; war in Syria; unrest in Bahrain; violence in Yemen. Some of these events are set in motion; others, at the time of speaking, have not yet occurred. Out of the darkness emerges the one organization capable of restoring order and banishing chaos, the one organization that can mitigate disaster and prevent a middle-eastern apocalypse.

AGENDA: Discussing Human Rights Violations Taking Place in the Middle Eastern Region in the Wake of the Arab Spring

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