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Agenda: Creating a framework to deal with natural disasters caused by climate change

Wildfires in Australia. Rising sea levels in Indonesia. Floods in Pakistan, droughts in the US, heatwaves in India.

Every year, climate change disasters kill thousands of people, displace millions and destroy billions of assets.

The world is gearing up to tackle climate change on an international level. The UN limits global warming to 1.5°C and the Paris Agreement is the strongest enforcer of sustainability.

However, when it comes to climate disasters, no one is safe.
For at least another thirty years, people all around the world will face a record number of disasters wrought by climate change that will threaten to destroy livelihoods, end lives and swallow cities whole. No framework exists to globally mitigate such disasters-yet.

As heads of state, you gather here to not wage war or make peace but to protect humanity as a whole and defend the vulnerable populaces. What will you bring to the drafting table? Will you draw distinctions between enemies and friends or will you stand by the ideals of humanity? Most importantly, how will you get support across the board?

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