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United Nations Human Rights Council

Human Rights - A bastion of hope for the oppressed, for the suppressed, for the underprivileged. For seven decades since the world’s most tragic conflict, the sanctity of human life has ruled over political ambition and power-hungry desire.It is now the 21st century. Every year the population grows. Every year we have more mouths to feed than we have food to give. alem and Gaza shook the foundations of human rights.

Will you repair it or reduce it to ashes?

And as anyone who has taken Economics 101 can tell you, the value of a good lies in its perceived rarity. Humans are in abundant stock.

Every year, more and more countries consider human life disposable.

Territory, fame, reputation – all are gaining in the priority charts. As leaders become more detached from the masses, human rights have somehow still managed to keep their place on the top of the podium.

Until now.

Till October 7. Till Jerus

AGENDA: Developing an Action Plan for accessing Humanitarian Supplies in Crisis Zones with Special Emphasis on the Gaza Strip

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