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Agenda: Yom Kippur War
Freeze Date: Oct 6th, 1973

October 6, 1973. Yom Kippur. As Jews in Israel settled down for a day of praying and fasting, all was not quiet over the Bar Lev line. By 2 pm, Egyptian and Syrian planes swooped over the Suez Canal and began the first bombings of what was to be the start of a dark and scarring month-long conflict.  Or would it?

Delegates, here you are, poised at the brink of a war that has only begun, equipped with the powers of world leaders, each of whom has a unique ability to turn the tide of the conflict. This conflict is a tightly woven web of complex legalities, and you will have to navigate these as carefully as you plot your next moves on the battlefield behind closed doors. 

Will you push forth with all your military might? Will you wrap the ones on the other side of the chessboard in a cocoon of words? ‘If you lie on the ground, you cannot fall’. Will you plunge into the thick of things or follow the Yiddish proverb and keep your distance?

Note: this committee is a double delegation.

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