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United Nations Security Council

Syria, 2011. The Arab Spring was waning, giving way to the Arabian Summer.

Hot. Scorching.


13 years into the Syrian Civil War, a lot of the same combatants are still fighting: ISIS; the Kurdish rebels; the multiple Syrian forces.All of this began to focus in Northern Syria, in one specific conflict-ridden region. Here, where law and lawlessness collide, is where the most powerful organ of the United Nations now turns its eyes to.

As the Syrian government fought back, terrorist groups joined the conflict, attracting international attention. As another proxy war seems to spring up in the Middle East, reminiscent of the Cold War era, the only body of an otherwise diplomatic organization that is allowed to take action gears up for a fight. The UNSC, the most powerful of the UN organs, must stop the belligerents in Syria from wreaking havoc and displacing it from the pedestal of the world order.

AGENDA: Addressing Threats to Peace and Security in Northern Syria with Reference to Rojova Conflict

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