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Agenda: Situation in Ukraine

War, devastation, loss. Ukraine has been through the aforementioned disasters and more since the first Russian invasion on 24th February of this year, but Putin only continues to double down on the war crimes leading to innumerable humanitarian crises. Power hungry and ruthless, the Russian President does not cease to command his militia and the Ukrainians suffer damages that are irrevocable. The world watches on and only a few countries offer tangible help. Several days have passed since the first attack, but the people of Ukraine stand strong. Russia's attempts at muffling the cries for help from Kyiv were short lived as the innocent and oppressed fight with and for everything they have got.


How can such war crimes be rightfully punished? For how long can leaders such as Putin be allowed to continue to rule? Why can't global powers and organizations do more for the oppressed? How will Kyiv be served justice? 

We bring to you, the United Nations Security Council.

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Executive Board

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Rohan Kanna

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-12 at 10.49.38 PM.jpeg

Mihir Kalle

Vice Chairperson


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