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Agenda I: Vaccine inequities in Africa.

More doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been delivered to the EU, the UK and the United States in the six-week run up to Christmas 2021 than African countries have received all year. As of May 30, 2022, Africa administered a total of only around 510 million doses of vaccines against the coronavirus despite having a whopping 1.4 billion population. The Global North continues to accumulate more vaccines than it requires while most of the African population is yet to be inoculated.
Is vaccine equity a must for the pandemic to come to an end? If it were up to you, would you change the monopoly that the rich countries possess over vaccinating the entire world?

Presenting to you, the World Health Organization! 

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Agenda II: Improving response and coordination towards mental health.
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Executive Board

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Abhay Tole Trivedi

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Vice Chairperson

Arnav Varghese

Millions of people worldwide face mental health issues on a regular basis. People going through these issues often face stigma and are subjected to ragging, insults and even violence. They have had to deal with both mental health difficulties as well as societal discrimination, and a global pandemic, war and several other significant devastating happenings in the recent times have made matters worse. The need to inform and educate more people about the seriousness of these problems is fast-growing and extremely vital. Mental health awareness is just as important as its physical counterpart, and this is a concept that is coming to light and being addressed in better ways in current times.


How do we make help and assistance for mental health issues more accessible to the people? How do we shut down the stigma and taboo about the same once and for all? Why is this a major health crisis and how do we better handle it? 

Presenting to you, the World Health Organization. 

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